Spend A Day With Us Packages

Spend a day with us and enjoy one of several of The Woodhouse Spas Signature Services. Join us for our Woodhouse Experience, Twos Company, Organic Renewal, Spa Classics, or Great Expectations.

The Woodhouse Experience (New)


The best of everything The Woodhouse has to offer.  Your day begins with your choice of an Aromatherapy Bath Cure to enliven the senses.  Next, drift away into the ultimate relaxation with our Signature Four-Handed Massage, followed by our rejuvenating and nourishing Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial.  Enjoy a relaxing spa cuisine and finish your experience with The Woodhouse Signature Hand Ritual and Seaweed Leaf Pedicure.

Two's Company (New)


Double the pleasure as you and a guest enjoy a relaxing spa experience.

Enjoy our relaxing Swedish Duet Massages, 50 Min., followed by our Organic Discovery Facials combined with Warm Agave Nectar Pedicures.  Emerge renewed, re-energized and refreshed.  A wonderful way to spend quality time with someone special.

Organic Renewal (New)


Total well-being and renewal are the end result of this holistic package.

Begin with a therapeutic Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap for remineralizing the skin and enhancing circulation.  An Illuminating Facial restores the skin and our Seaweed Marine Eye Compress treatment reduces dark circles, minimizes puffiness and brightens tired, stressed eyes.  Finish with one of our most popular foot treatments- Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure.

Spa Classics (New)


Reconnect and recharge with this classic head-to-toe experience.

Start off with a relaxing, therapeutic Swedish Massage, 50 Min.  Next, enjoy an Organic Discovery Facial that cleanses and conditions your skin.  Conclude your blissful spa retreat with a Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure.

Great Expectations


Expectant mothers relieve stress and anxiety and experience restful bliss.

Our Mellow Mama Massage eases pregnancy aches and pains and an Organic Discovery Facial and Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure rejuvenate the skin and soothe tired feet.


The New Signature Sampler

Sample our new signature services, beginning with The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial, our revolutionary and award-winning facial, that includes handcrafted massage, seaweed poultice and an application of seaweed leaves for the best of the best in hydration, toning and firming.  Next, experience our most raved-about, detailed manicure, The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat. You will enjoy an exfoliation from hand to elbow, followed by a deeply relaxing massage, concluding with your hands lovingly wrapped in warmed Atlantic seaweed leaves to hydrate, increase circulation and nourish dry skin. Finally, slip into a state of total relaxation with The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure. A double action seaweed foot mask and fresh seaweed leaf wrap around the legs reduce swelling and soften the feet. The warm volcanic stones are massaged from heel to knee followed by reflexology to increase relaxation and release energy. A truly "sole"ful experience!

The New Service Experience

Experience our new services, starting with Lavender Dreams, an exclusive massage using wild crafted lavender and a melange of sleep inducing herbs to help you unwind, decompress and focus on much needed rest. Next, undergo the most comprehensive skincare treatment and maintenance system that we offer, The Skin Fitness Facial, featuring ultrasonic deep cleansing, customized exfoliation and mask, and extractions. Finally, a delightful and invigorating Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure removes lifeless layers with a healthy refining scrub that quickly re-polishes unwanted calluses. A warm volcanic stone massage eases foot tension and immediately calms the mind.

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