Skin Care

Our holistic approach to attaining beauty taps into the best of nature by combining natural and certified organic ingredients with breakthrough advanced skin care. Allow our skin care experts to recommend the proper home care program to help you maintain your skin’s health and youthful appearance.


50, 80 MINUTES

A non-invasive, Anti-aging solution with real results.

The Hydrafacial will leave your skin glowing for weeks with its breakthrough resurfacing and fusion technology.  Antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid are infused into your skin and the results are immediate, and with no downtime.  Designed for all skin types, this skin refining treatment will improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, congested oily skin, and even rosacea.

The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial


Designed for all skin types. This award-winning facial focuses on firming and toning. Our famous Signature facial has no equal. Our proprietary “Minkyti” massage technique regenerates, oxygenates and stimulates the skin for maximum absorption of our nutrient-rich products. This treatment combines a resurfacing treatment with a potent Plant Stem Cell Serum to boost collagen and slow down the visible signs of aging. 


Platinum Facial


The ultimate anti-aging experience using full "micro-current" technology.

Noticeably firm and contour the face and neck with the use of innovative "micro-current" technology.  This safe, pain free technology helps to exercise and "re-educate" the facial muscles and neck increasing circulation, which stimulates collagen production and, therefore, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  This will provide an unsurpassed and revolutionary toning and firming experience with immediate visible results.

Regenerative Microchanneling Facial


A new  technology that builds and optimizes growth factors in the skin

This unique facial uses Microchanneling technology to stimulate the skin’s natural restorative power and return to a state of vibrance, balance, health, density and youth.  Microchanneling, combined with infusions of peptides or Kojic Acid, aids your body’s innate biology and processes, creating a resilient and supple skin.  “Skin not only looks young, it is young.”

Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion Facial

50, 80 MINUTES

Designed for all skin types to minimize wrinkles and smooth skin texture. Nurture and enjoy smoother skin along with a more youthful appearance.  This anti-aging advancement minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, minor acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and reduces pore size- all with no down time.  Noticeable results after one session and dramatic improvement with consecutive treatments.

Advanced Anti-Aging Facial

50, 80 MINUTES

The ultimate anti-aging facial designed for all skin types. Dare to defy time! Fight back with this highly regenerating corrective treatment ideal for devitalized, mature skin. This facial delivers visible results with cutting edge ingredients such as glycolic acid to resurface the skin and cutting edge technology to plump and rejuvenate skin tone.  80 minute service includes microcurrent treatment.

Brightening Facial


Designed for all skin types to lighten hyper-pigmentation and treat sun damage. Reveal a brighter complexion with this corrective treatment created specifically to reverse the effects of premature aging.  Minimize fine surface lines and smooth and refine rough skin texture.

Clarifying Acne Facial


Corrective facial for acne-prone skin. Put your best face forward. Utilizing products that can correct acne prone skin, as well as create an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory environment on the face and chest, this treatment goes above and beyond to fight acne.

Woodhouse Introductory Facial


A classic facial customized just for you. Restore clarity and radiance with this introductory facial. Your skin care expert will assist you in tailoring a facial to get the results you want.

Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial


Designed for all skin types. This is the masculine version of our anti-aging facial. Relax with a traditional barber hot towel technique enhanced with nutrient-rich products.  Skin is cleansed, toned and conditioned as irritations from shaving or sun-exposure are soothed.

Facial Enhancements

10, 25 MINUTES

Powerful, professional enhancements further customize your facial experience with little to no time added:

Chocolate CoQ10 Radiance Facial


A green tea-infused cream facial cleanser, designed to soothe and moisturize your skin, clears the makeup away for an exfoliation with One Fine Day facial polish. Dreary, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against this whipped delight, which uses sugar and shea butter to revive your complexion. A rich, dark chocolate and CoQ10 enzyme mask – chock full of vitamins and antioxidants will go to work for you, fighting free radical damage and leaving a smooth surface behind. A nutritional super-antioxidant cocktail, made from Texas winery grapes, provides a plumped and luscious complexion. We top this off with a hearty helping of Three Milks Ageless moisturizer – a skin firming peptide cream blended with three botanical milks. Your holiday hydration is complete with a clinically tested, age defying eye serum that firms, tightens and reduces unsightly under eye circles. Unwrap the magic!

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