Rosacea Awareness

| by Dr. Lynda Torrey, under Wellness


Rosacea is a chronic disease that has become a chronic condition in our society due to inflammation in the body.   It is important to have an understanding of the causes of inflammation to be able to address rosacea consistently and thoroughly. 

Our skin is the bridge to our brain.  It not only sends messages to the brain regarding feeling hot/cold, pain or pleasure, it also reflects what is happening inside our body.   Rosacea will normally affect the areas around nose, cheeks and chin.  We have consistently heard that the skin is the “mirror” organ of the body, reflecting our emotions, as well as our physical health.  Our skin blushes when embarrassed and crawls when we are afraid.  These are certainly emotional responses manifesting physically.  We also know that our diet greatly affects our skin. 

One of the highest causes of inflammation in the United States is our high sugar diet.  Not only does this contribute to rosacea, it creates susceptibility to candida, diabetes and a plethora of other maladies.  Rosacea is also exacerbated by poor nutritional intake, alcohol, caffeine, hot temperature and stress.  Virtually anything that turns up our internal thermostat.   When we have inflammation present in the body, we already have an over-abundance of heat that our systems must try to balance.  To achieve this, the tiny capillaries near the surface of the skin vaso-dilate or expand, which helps to cool down our internal temperature.  This creates physical stress on the capillaries so that they can become permanently damaged or “broken”.  This also creates an opportunity for bacteria to manifest, causing blemishes. 

It is critical to soothe inflammation on number of fronts.   Boosting immunity through detoxification and rebuilding our cells through good nutrition is essential.   This also provides us with the foundation for hormonal balance and proper pH balance of the skin which is a must for a healthy immune system.  In the digestive equation, it is also imperative to understand any food sensitivities that you may have and eliminate those from your diet.  A naturopathic principle states that we are to treat the whole person, and not the disease.  Our focus should be on the physical elements discussed above and not solely rely on topical skin treatments.   So, after addressing the physical, what can we do to alleviate our emotional internal heating quandary called stress?  Take care of yourself.  We can never fully omit stress from our lives, it is called life challenge.  However, we can learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way by understanding that we do, as humans, have a tendency to create much of our own unhealthy stress.  How? Give yourself the opportunity for relaxation to get in touch and connect with your body, mind and spirit.  

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