Seaweed Cellulite Treatment

| by
Dr. Lynda Torrey
, under Woodhouse Services

A question that we have been asked continually over the years is, “Does the seaweed cellulite treatment really work?”

Absolutely!  The Seaweed Cellulite Treatment creates radical cellular stimulation with the therapist using deep tissue techniques applied to the cellulite site.  Simply put, cellulite is caused by excess toxicity in the body.  One of the functions of the fat cells in our body is to protect our system from toxins.   When a fat cell becomes overloaded with toxins it “implodes”, creating adhesions (scar tissue) to the skin.  It is these adhesions drawing on the skin internally, in a similar fashion as superficial scarring, that causes the dimpling effect we know as “orange peel” skin.  As the therapist kneads the cellulite areas they are helping to break-up these internal adhesions.  It is a similar technique that is done in sports massage to release adhesions after a sports injury. 

Along with the above technique, dry brushing and essential oils that assist stimulation of the lymph system, which is one of our primary detoxifying systems, are also used to continue movement of toxins from the body.  Next a seaweed poultice is applied from the waist down with efficient benefits ranging from detoxifying to that all-important firming and toning.

The outcome is definitely dependent upon making a commitment to a healthy eating plan and exercise for the best results.