Shirodhara Scalp Massage

| by Dr. Lynda Torrey, under Woodhouse Services

Recently, I was asked to describe the benefits and origins of our Shirodhara treatment, so it made sense to share that with all of you.

Shirodhara originated in the Ayurvedic medical paradigm of ancient India.  In Sanskrit “shiro” means head and “dhara” means flowing like a thread.  The Woodhouse Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing and balancing treatment that is performed by releasing a warm, soothing stream of nutritional oil onto the middle of the forehead from a copper vessel.  The copper vessel is specifically designed for this purpose.  The warm stream of oil flows from the center of the brow area between the eyes, or what is also known as the third eye, to the scalp area.  As stress is released from the central nervous system, comprehension and mental clarity can be achieved.  I relate it to clearing the fog of mind chatter and allowing it to flow down and away from the body.  Following the Shirodhara is a scalp massage and we all know how incredible that can feel to a tense, overworked individual. This is the favorite treatment of our financial analyst, Johnny, so you know that it must have some incredible benefits if someone in the financial arena can gain relaxation in this economy!  Have you had your Shirodhara today?

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