Pumpkin-More Than Just Dessert

| by Lynda Torrey, D.Ay., MTI, RMT, LE, under Skincare and Beauty


Although pumpkin is an ingredient in many of our traditional desserts this time of year, did you know that it is also excellent for your skin?    There are over one-hundred nutrients in pumpkin puree including zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B.  Due to the high content of Beta-Carotene, pumpkin is a powerful antioxidant that aids in the healing process of environmentally damaged skin, as well as blemished skin.  Pumpkin enzyme is a natural exfoliator, breaking down dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft, and is also a super hydrator. Even better, it will not cause the free radical stress that is associated with chemical exfoliations.

There are a number of great, already prepared peels and masks like the Naturopathica Purifying Enzyme Peel.

- Or -

DIY - You could also have fun blending your own mask using a recipe from the following site that gives you a variety of recipes all rolled into one and specifically designed for your skin type. 


Even if pumpkin is not one of your favorite culinary delights, you will definitely want to add it to your skin care regimen for superb hydrated, radiant results.


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