10 Ways to Stick to your New Year's Resolutions

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We’re 2.5 weeks into the New Year, and our New Year’s resolutions are going strong. Or more than likely, they’re not. Studies show that, of those who actually intend to work out as part of their New Year’s resolutions, many will abandon their workout routines by mid-January. Half will quit by June. Only 1 in 8 people will keep their New Year’s resolution (whatever it may be) for the entire year.

However, just because you’ve slipped two weeks into the year, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up hope. Here are some tips to keep you moving forward.

1. You don’t have to be perfect. Who says that you’ve failed at your resolution just because you didn’t follow it as you had planned? If your goal was to do yoga every day, but you’re really only doing it once a week, that’s still one time more than you were doing it before you started. Good for you!

2. Give yourself a reward. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, give yourself a reward after you’ve completed your task. If I clean my kitchen every day, not only do I get the reward of waking up to order, but I can sit down, melt into the sofa, and watch TV for a few minutes.

3. Change your goal. Every year, I say that I will wake up early to exercise; but it never happens, and I abandon the notion until next year. But waking up early is not attainable for me. I don’t like it, for one. But when I change my resolution to walking during lunch, I find that I’m more likely to keep it. Adjusting your goal to something realistic can make all the difference.

4. Bring along a friend. Friends not only make activities more enjoyable, but they also help you stay accountable. It’s much harder to stay in bed when your friend is counting on you to meet her at the gym.

5. Find inspiration. Maybe you have a “never going back there again” picture to remind yourself of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Maybe you have a motivational quote. Or maybe you’re just looking for that little push that says, “If she can do it, then so can I.” Whatever your inspiration, don’t forget it, and keep it close.

6. Do something enjoyable at the same time. Not all resolutions are of the pleasant kind (for example, take a vacation this year). Some can be downright tedious. However, coupling something enjoyable with something less enjoyable can help you break through a negative mindset. I have a hard time motivating myself to cook, but when I allow myself a glass of wine and some Jazz music, it becomes an experience instead of a chore.

7. Calm your mind. Stress can destroy some of your best intentions. Practice calming your mind every day to help you stick to your plans. Practice yoga, meditation, or simply take a walk to bring yourself a little silence and help you stay in the present.

8. Settle on one resolution. When I make my New Year’s resolutions, I tend to make a list. I list all of the ways that I can be a better version of myself. But that list is really long, and I tend to drop it all together. Picking just one thing helps me in my quest to move forward.

9. Write it down. This may sound simple, but it’s easier to ditch goals if you don’t write them down. When you write them down, you can go back and remind yourself of what you wanted to do this year. Who knows, maybe you will be able to cross off some of your goals as completed when you go back to them.

10. Keep trying! No one is perfect. All you can do is keep trying to bring out your better self.

Do you still feel like you’re not going to make it? Don’t beat yourself up too much. People who make a New Year’s resolution are 10 times more likely to change their lives than those who don’t, even if they don’t see them through to the end of the year.

What tips do you have to help you stick to your resolution? I’m always trying to work on mine! Tell me in the comments section!


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