Beautiful Skin!

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As it is with all areas of life, it's the little things that often turn into big things.  It's the small, daily routines that create the habits that ultimately shape our lives.  And so it is with skincare.  When you commit to daily taking steps to better your skin, you are on the path to beauty.  Sometimes, the results are immediate - firmer skin, brighter complexion, less wrinkles or aging spots.  But sometimes, it's the accumulation of years of good skincare rituals that result in the skin you want.  Today is the perfect day to start the journey to great skin!

You can find skincare products anywhere you shop - the department store, the beauty store, the grocery store!  We are always surrounded by products with outrageous claims to the perfect complexion.  However, most of those products are laden with toxic chemicals that will do more damage to our skin than we realize. Take some time to educate yourself and your family about the dangers of the many, many chemicals that are used today. 

As a solution to the 'toxic skincare' dilemma, we suggest reading labels and seeking ingredients that are pure, organic, and proven.  Which is why we teamed with Voya seaweed last year to bring our guests the best there is to be offered.  Organic, hand-harvested seaweed from Ireland - the perfect skincare solution.  Not only are the results quickly and clearly evident, you can feel good knowing that you are choosing pure ingredients for your skin.  Ask the concierge at your local Woodhouse Day Spa for more details on the Voya products that are best for your skin type.