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We love this recipe from 
Dec 7 2015 | by Kristina Zuzzio, Esthetician, Montclair, NJ
Some of us might remember the Jesse Spano freak-out episode of Saved By the Bell where she is hysterical and cries out the words, "No time! There's never any time! I'll never have time to study!
Jul 23 2015 | by Dani Woodward-Everman, Esthetician at Woodhouse Cincinnati
As an Esthetician for many years I always get asked, "What should I be doing to my skin?" And, "My skin is different in the summer, should I be doing something diff
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As it is with all areas of life, it's the little things that often turn into big things.  It's the small, daily routines that create the habits that ultimately shape our lives.  And so it is with
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Just a few quotes that show the true nature of Mom... 
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"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."  
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As we enter this season of love, The Woodhouse Day Spa wishes you the very best.  The best in love.  The best in friendships.  The best in health.  We want to encourage you to take some time and
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Habits influence how we live our lives.
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Since the latest cold front has now made it's way across our nation, we are all bundled up and feeling the 'holiday spirit' a little more.  May we suggest some (Click>) 
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Enjoy the healthy fragances of the season by making your own natural scents.You'll enjoy making and using these all season long... plus they make great gifts!