Apr 22 2014 | by Larissa Tater
I recently went to New Zealand, and while I normally travel alone, for this trip, I took a friend.
Apr 10 2014 | by Larissa Tater
Stress and taxes are legitimately linked, so much so that researchers have found a 6% increase in fatal auto accidents on the day federal taxes are due. The culprit? Stress.
Mar 27 2014 | by Larissa Tater
Fad diets have been around since at least the early 1800’s, when the vinegar and water diet was all the rage.
Mar 11 2014 | by Larissa Tater
Staying healthy does not just consist of eating your fruits and vegetables and exercising.
Mar 4 2014 | by Larissa Tater
Mardi Gras (translated as Fat Tuesday in French) is upon us! It’s your last night to eat whatever you want before your Lenten season fast!
Feb 27 2014 | by Larissa Tater
Did you know that high blood pressure doesn’t just affect your heart? Your blood needs to pump efficiently to keep a multitude of other organs working properly, as well.
Feb 24 2014 | by Larissa Tater
Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and by now, the flowers cultivated for the big day are likely losing their flair.
Feb 11 2014 | by Larissa Tater
February is American Heart month, so here, at The Woodhouse Day Spa, we’re doing all we can to help you stay heart-healthy!
Feb 3 2014 | by Larissa Tater
The first day of every February marks the beginning of American Heart month.
Jan 17 2014 | by Larissa Tater
We’re 2.5 weeks into the New Year, and our New Year’s resolutions are going strong. Or more than likely, they’re not.


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