May 14 2019 | by Paige Mareth - Director of Communications, The Woodhouse Spas, Corp.

Scheduling a day at the spa is one of those things that never stops feeling like a luxury.
For many of us, massage is a go-to experience – but why? You may know that you feel renewed afterward, but what is it that keeps us coming back for more?


Mar 27 2014 | by Larissa Tater

Below, you’ll find five foods that have a bad rap but good qualities.

Chocolate has fallen from grace and risen again many times. From taking a toll because of sugar content to making a comeback because of its antioxidant properties, many of us have a love/hate relationship with chocolate.

Growing evidence, however, links a daily dose of chocolate (in the form of cocoa powder, with no sugar or milk) to reduced blood pressure and lower body weight. It may also help prevent cancer.

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