A Weekend of Rejuvenation

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A Weekend of Rejuvenation

Between finding gifts for everyone on your list, addressing Christmas cards and getting the house ready for those annual family visits, you're completely exhausted. And because the holiday season is a marathon, and not a sprint, you need to take some time for yourself. Luckily, Cincinnati has a few great spa facilities in the area equipped to handle your relaxation needs.

The Woodhouse Day Spa is another arbiter of comfort and joy in the Cincinnati area. Chris Mann, the owner of the Cincinnati branch, says the spa has just switched over to its seasonal menu, which includes three winter-specific packages.

Along with the seasonal and regular packages the spa offers, The Woodhouse Day Spa also offers individual treatments. A highlight of these is the spa's signature facial, Mann says.

"The combination of the products they use [for the treatment] just really work well," he says. "It's 80 minutes long, so a good portion of the facial is massage. They do a lot of facial massage and a lot of hand and arm massage, which doesn't help the effectiveness of the facial, but it just feels awesome."

Although Mann says he thinks indulging oneself in the spa environment is important year-round, there is an element of going to the spa during the winter that makes it the best time of year to go.

"In the wintertime, one of the greatest things you can do is be warm, and there's no better place to be warm and feel nurtured than in the spa," Mann says. "It's a warm, welcoming environment. Some of the services we offer are great for winter and what feels better than getting in the bath in the winter? The volcanic stone massage is great for this feeling of warmth."


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