Foot Treatments

Each Woodhouse pedicure begins with a calming ritual incorporating our signature essential oil blend to induce deep relaxation. You will enjoy the warmth of your neck and shoulder wrap while experiencing a therapeutic, hydrotherapy foot bath.  Your experience is complete with the perfect polish.

*If you are currently wearing gel polish, please contact the spa to arrange additional removal time.

The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure


Slip into a state of total relaxation.

Refining your skin, the treatment begins with a sea salt exfoliation from the knees to the feet. Enjoy a state of total bliss as warm volcanic stones are massaged from heel to knee followed by an old fashioned foot rub to increase relaxation. A double action seaweed foot mask and fresh seaweed leaf wrap around the legs reduce swelling and soften tired feet. A truly “sole”ful experience.

Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure


Delightful and invigorating pedicure that removes lifeless layers with a healthy refining scrub that quickly re-polishes unwanted calluses away. A warm volcanic stone massage eases foot tension and immediately calms the mind. 

Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure


Warm agave nectar with a heavenly light scent is purposely drizzled over the feet and legs followed with a soothing heel to knee massage. Relish the experience. 

The Tula


For those on the go! This quick mani-pedi combination includes minimal foot and nail filing finished off with a refreshing polish change.

If you require a full service manicure or pedicure, please choose from our great selection of full service hand and foot treatments.

Gentlemen's Pedicure

Gentlemen's Pedicure

Relaxing and invigorating pedicure with a groom and buff paired with a soothing foot and leg massage.

Lucky Legs Add On


The perfect ending to any foot treatment! An invigorating massage will de-puff and refresh swollen, tight legs and feet.

Total Swellness CBD Seasonal Pedicure


After a buttery milk bath soak, you are buffed and polished to perfection using a fine grain sea salt scrub with light fragrant notes of citrus and lemongrass revealing new skin beneath! Next comes a honey glazed cocoon wrap, rich in aloe, real honey, live fruit cells and Vitamin E to banish dry, cracked heels and ashy skin. Feet and heels are lightly painted with Honey Heel Glaze, then cocooned while the nourishing honey serum works its magic.   The grand finale is a relaxing leg massage with a feathery, light-as-air citrus body mousse infused with skin nourishing botanical oils plus fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil rich in cannabinoids and over 15 vitamins and minerals.

Autumn Glow Fall Seasonal Pedicure


Unpack your worries and leave them at the door ... a toasty fall treatment is in store! The spicy scent of roasted chestnuts fills the air as a nourishing Vitamin E-rich fizzing soak bubbles to soften and soothe soles. A whipped shea sugar and coffee micropolish that brings skin-tightening caffeine and a deliciously smooth exfoliation to whisk away dull, lifeless skin.  You'll be glazed in a warm honey serum, packed with live fruit cells, aloe and Vitamin E, and allowed to fall into bliss. A shea butter massage with delectable notes of vanilla and cinnamon cream kiss skin with long lasting hydration.

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