Body Treatments

Emerge revitalized with therapeutic, full-body skin treatments only found at Woodhouse.

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How your body interacts with itself influences how you interact with the world. These treatments encourage connection of mind and body, and deeper experiences with loved ones.

Experience healing at a deeper level. Leave feeling rebuilt and ready to take on anything, even if it takes a little pressure.

Relaxation at its apex. These treatments will put you in a peaceful place well beyond your time at Woodhouse.

Looking good and feeling good go a long way. These treatments help you leave happy in your skin.

Feel truly invigorated with experiences designed to refresh your body and put some pep in your step.

Recenter your body and being with care focused on putting you in a place of greater mental clarity and control.


Treatment: Create a renewed canvas for body care, starting with a full-body, dry brush exfoliation. Next, experience an application of nourishing sea minerals and a rebalancing body mask, rich with trace elements and toning essential oils. A deeply skin-supportive cream, enhanced with a special detoxifying serum, completes the treatment and seals in nutrients. (Vichy shower availaibility varies by location).
Intention: Detoxification + smooth skin
Recommended for: Detoxification + Relaxation
Suggested pairing: CBD Enhancement
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Treatment: Black sand and pumice stone combine for an invigorating full-body exfoliation that includes nourishing sea minerals. The experience then completes with a Vichy shower. (Vichy shower availaibililty varies by location).
Intention: Full-body exfoliation + smooth & healthy skin
Recommended for: Dry skin
Suggested pairing: Woodhouse Signature Sculpt Facial

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Treatment: A cleansing full-body exfoliation begins the experience, followed by a calming, sea mineral gel mask that leaves skin toned and hydrated.

Intention: Relaxation + smooth skin + moisturization
Recommended for: Dry skin
Suggested pairing: Soothe + Hydrate Facial
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