Spend the day with Woodhouse. We curate each package to deliver on how you want to feel now and long after you leave. Choose your package and let your transformation begin.

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How your body interacts with itself influences how you interact with the world. These treatments encourage connection of mind and body, and deeper experiences with loved ones.

Experience healing at a deeper level. Leave feeling rebuilt and ready to take on anything, even if it takes a little pressure.

Relaxation at its apex. These treatments will put you in a peaceful place well beyond your time at Woodhouse.

Looking good and feeling good go a long way. These treatments help you leave happy in your skin.

Feel truly invigorated with experiences designed to refresh your body and put some pep in your step.

Recenter your body and being with care focused on putting you in a place of greater mental clarity and control.


Treatment: Experience a day designed to provide you with the ultimate sense of renewal. Treatments include the Woodhouse Signature Calming Retreat + Nourishing Wrap + HydraFacial Deluxe + Lunch.(availability varies by location).
Intention: Reinvigoration of body + mind

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Treatment: Enjoy a day of nourishing services designed to revitalize your mind, body and mood. Treatments include a Tranquil Stone Massage (50 min) + HydraFacial Classic + Woodhouse Signature Luxury Hand Retreat + Woodhouse Signature Luxury Foot Retreat.

Intention: Reduced tension + nourished skin

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Treatment: Relax and unplug distraction-free with services designed to help you detox from technology for the day. Treatments include the Woodhouse Signature Holistic Minkyti Facial + Woodhouse Signature Holistic Body Detox + Woodhouse Signature Restorative Sleep.
Intention: Unplugging + detoxing

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Treatment: When stress has gotten the best of you, let Woodhouse provide a day of rejuvenating services designed to dissolve anxiety and wash away worry. Treatments include a Body Balance Massage + Soothe + Hydrate Facial + Holistic Rejuvenation Pedicure.
Intention: Full-body relaxation

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Treatment: A day of pampering and relaxation designed for expectant mothers. Treatments include a Maternity Massage + Holistic Rejuvenation Pedicure.
Intention: Relaxation + hydrated refreshed skin

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Treatment: Tired and dull skin has met its match with a day of transformational services. Treatments include the Woodhouse Signature Sculpt Facial + Black Sand Rejuvenation.

Intention: Full body invigoration

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Treatment: A day of rejuvenation for when your body is craving some TLC. Treatments include a Sports Massage + Illuminate Facial.

Intention: Recovery

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