Luxury that lives on.

The daily grind is just that. It’s the constant demands weighing down our body and mind. This is precisely why mood care exists. Woodhouse Spa understands your stresses and curates and crafts more joyful moments and moods for you to immerse yourself in.  

How do you wish to pursue true renewal?


Ease your muscles and aid your mood with techniques that marry science, wisdom, and art. All Woodhouse massages begin with our signature foot cleansing ritual and essential oil treatment for deep relaxation.

Body Treatments

Emerge revitalized with therapeutic, full-body skin treatments only found at Woodhouse.


Treat yourself to luxurious skincare techniques that leave you feeling toned, radiant, and healthy inside and out. Manual extractions of impurities are built into each treatment.


Immerse yourself in total luxury. Our signature rituals provide a unique experience that will leave your mind and body fully transformed.


Treat yourself from head to toe with our spin on traditional and not-so-traditional manicures and pedicures.


Our waxing technique is highly praised by our guests. We believe in a quick, painless as possible waxing experience.


Treat yourself to a comprehensive mood care experience with one of our carefully crafted, full-service packages.


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